We consider your lifestyle and how your space relates to the rest of the home. Besides being beautiful, these spaces require a great deal of technical expertise.”


Kitchen and bath remodels are two of the most invasive and costly projects homeowners can face. Kitchen and Bath design for new construction are key areas of focus. Because these projects are so important and costly , we designers, need to be experienced and current with product. We also need to style savvy and able to think outside the box.
  • We partner with the companys of the home owner’s or builder’s choice.
  • We can also design totally custom cabinets or furniture.

One of the software programs we almost always use in design kitchen and bathrooms is Google Sketch-up. It is a 3/D software program that allows us to illustrate the final solution. Many people have a difficulty visualizing spaces. Looking at a 2/D plan and seeing it 3/D in their heads isn’t in their DNA. Sketch-up really helps us communicate design options, so the homeowners can make intelligent decisions and not be surprised later on. The print outs of the design are also distributed to contractors/builders. It’s part of our documentation process of keeping everyone on the same page.