Professional Interior designers create aesthetic and functional solutions for their clients.  To effectively achieve this, the first step is getting to know each other and discuss the Project. Not every designer and client are going to be a good fit. We strongly encourage  prospective clients to come to our office to meet us and get a better understanding of  what we do.

We discuss the potential project and what the expectations are. There are many types of projects and scenarios. Rough project budget and design fees are discussed. If it looks like a good fit, the next step is initiated. This could be a site visit and/or a programming meeting with plans. Programming is the information gathering stage. It is very important. We discuss how the space(s) are to be used. Style and aesthetic dreams are shared. Project life span and investment are considered.
There is a saying: “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.”

Other phases of the design process include:

  • Preliminary/Schematic design
  • Design Development
  • Documentation and Bidding Process
  • Construction observation and design details

We tailor the process to suit your needs and project!

LauraGillsInteriorDesignDesign Process