Don’t Put All Your Money Into Construction

by LauraGillsInteriorDesign on March 24, 2016 Comments Off on Don’t Put All Your Money Into Construction

We design a lot of new construction work, particularly homes. We have noticed that many people haven’t fully realized all the other expenses involved with building a home, especially if it is considerably larger than where they are moving from. Landscaping is a big investment. Higher taxes, utilities, insurance, and maintenance expenses are typical.More often than not, most of our clients, when finished with construction cannot afford to furnish the house. They also never go a figure ahead of time, what it may cost to finish the home. These ballpark numbers almost always cause jaws to drop. Not that people don’t have some furniture, but completing the interior is going to have to wait until the cash reserves build bay up. This is understandable. What is a shame is when those resources can’t build up to complete the house. We’ve worked on large $1,000,000+ homes that will never reach our portfolio or our clients’ dreams.

Real Estate today isn’t the investment it once was. So design for you and design smart. A well done slightly smaller home can get you to the finish line.

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LauraGillsInteriorDesignDon’t Put All Your Money Into Construction